Brace Yourself Because Spring Is Coming!

No, I'm not talking to those who have pollen alergy, no.

I'm talking to my fellow Hyphens who are, well, you know....we're going to....lose someone from the group...(again) ((for the 3rd time))
Okay, so , I was 16 when Akanishi left the group. And I CRIED SO HARD like someone is dying. But yeah, I was really sad, and it was something that made me go to a hiatus as a Hyphens because apparently because of it I had a few broken relationships with some people, even the people who are on the national community. Some turned into KAT-TUN's haters or Akanishi's. But, it's kind of a turning point for myself, because of that incident I am able to sort out negative people from my life, LOL.
And, yeah, I was really sad back then.

And then when Koki left I was angry! I'm not sad nor able to cry but I was angry! I typed furiously on my old Twitter account about how crappy Japanese entertainment world is. We all know that Japanese entertainment industry have really tight and confusing rules (such as relatioship ban, marriage ban, social media ban etc.). Probably I was sad, but the sadness turn into anger so I was blaming everything that I could get my hands of. /sighs/ But I have zero intension to hate Koki, since I was kind of fond of him despite the 'wild' lifestyle he has :D

Now *drumrolls* we're going to talk about the recent one happening in the fandom.

I was in campus, about to do a discussion with my juniors. But then I opened my account and turned out some people left a link and said "Junno is leaving KAT-TUN" and I was trembling and went home immediately..... so unprofessional XD Junno is not my bias, but I cant believe that we had to face this for the third time >:( At home I called a friend and we just cried and complaining to each other on the phone, people is tweeting, some being negative, some are not. But honestly, I can't hate Junno.. (I also don't hate the other two, and still can enjoy their music until now)
We're confused because the reason is so unclear, but I think it's not an impulsive decision about him being bored as an entertainer, he must have been thinking about it for awhile. He wants to achieve something that he cannot achieved when he's an etertainer. Sure, of course he knows he made tons of fans cried and sad for days, but he already made that decision. And I think it's so brave of him to dare taking challenge like this. So I've decided to appreciate his decisions :)
By the way the gap period between the announcement at Best Artist and Spring season somehow made my sadness ceased a bit. But it's in Spring! On my birthday :( even SCP and Tame Tabi ends a few days before my 20th birthday :( /sighs/

The reason I rant about this in here was because this morning, I listened to a friend's song that she made for a singing competition (shoutout to Key for being amazing!). The song is about a fan's love to her idol. The reason why I feel really related to the song was because her inspiration was an idol who left his group /cough/theguysfromEXO/cough/.
I wish I could give you the song but the languange is in Indonesian, even thought it's so beautiful, I'm afraid I cannot translate it properly.
There is this lines which said:

" My dream is you, but yours was to fly away"

I kind choked on my tears because the lyrics reminds me of what happen in our fandom world right now :"


recently, I'm back in the Japanese fandom (kinda left it after Akanishi left KAT-TUN). I finished watching Joker Game and listening to it's ending song and I was like, ah, it's KAT-TUN isn't it?
and started to wonder how are they doing currently, so I re-opened everything. My old Twitter account, my Tumblr, and this, my old Livejournal.
It was during Rescue era, I think, the first time I fell in love with them, and then joined a lot of communities related to it but sadly due to many conditions, it has closed down. So the only thing that keep me updated is Twitter >>>> @harukafp
I was 13 years old during Rescue era and now I'm 19 (going to be 20 in 4 months), time sure flies fast.
Aaaaanyway, I managed to re-connected to the people I know when I was in the fandom back then, it was fun! It's like discovering something precious. To me, this fandom is like a 'home', probably too exaggerated but, well, you know, stuffs that happened during your puberty was usually the most memorable one, right? And that also apply to this fandom.
I know my Livejournal is kinda empty and messy (what do you expect from a 13 years old having a blog huh) but I'm trying to be active here again, probably making posts like this or probably, making icons.
I think I need to write more.
See you in other posts!
Here's a Rilakkuma to cheer up your day.

a thing that i do recently~

now i'm kinda interested in photography, i often taking pictures of random things to, and play with the photo effects to make it cute-cool-weird-or whatever you say it XD
aaand, no, i ain't taking pictures with SLR camera :( it's too expensive to buy
i'm taking pictures with my phone :3
my phone before this (Xperia X8) was a Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot. well, in my former phone, the pic is always great,the focus is sharp and i didn't have to use any effects to make it great.
aaand this is one of my masterpiece with Sony Ericsson Cyber-Shot *dun-dun-dunnn~~* !!

it's good isn't it? the focus is great ^o^

aaand, this one is my masterpiece from my Xperia X8 *dun-dun-dunnn~* !!!

yes, as you see, i use photo effects in there :3

sooo~~ if anyone put a comment in here, i will post more pics XD

hello gurlz i'm baaack :D


miss me? no? D:

i miss LJ. and finally i have a netbook now! woohoo! and it's Toshiba, with a cute and fresh lime green colour :) . and it has a SUPER COOL harman/kardon's speaker! AAAAA love-y love-y. and i want to give my netbook a name, what should i call it? any suggestions? XD

but i still don't have the internet connection for myself XD , so i'm not that free to download everything coming from the comm updates :(

oh! oh! and finally! FINALLY, i'm a high schooler right now, first grade 8D haha, chyea!
but my high school life is heavy :< sooooo many assignments and tests! D:
well yeah, they said private high school is different than the 'ordinary high school', hmmm~~  >_<
aaand, there's the japanese languange lesson in my school :> sooo happy, but i don't like the teacher! the teacher is annoying, and her eyebrows looks like sinchan's! XDDD LOL

oh by the way, today is my first day of period in this month. AND THAT PAIN, OUCH, THAT TUMMY CRAMPS. DX

yeah, my English is still bad, but i'm trying to improve it! :D


well, yeah-

so this is a fanart of Aubree Storm :)
i already posted it at twitter, (even mentioned Aubree herself) and facebook.
but i didn't get any responses.
even from my friend D:

*feel so worse*

random thing~

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today at tatchan's birthday day

suddenly our math teacher give us a test.
i still don't understand the material so...

when i saw the question paper, i sighed.

i wrote my answer on the paper.
but it's mostly:

"Find The Unknown"


i sighed again.
banged my head to the table.
look at my chairmate. she was staring at the ceiling.
i sighed, sighed, and sighed again.


-fyi: almost the whole class doing the same thing that i did XD!*

unbelievable XD

today at school, i was makin' a fanfic about maru x me, in the first lesson hour :p
well, that was just because i'm bored, and i already understood what the teacher explained (about physics) in front of the class.
so i'm making a fanfic. and.....i ripped off the page (where i wrote it) from my book. 

and i folded it.
and i was paying attention again coz the teacher was talkin about the new formula.


and when i was preparing for going home at the last lesson hour.
somehow i want to laugh, and i was panic too.
so after the bell rang, i rushed to the physics class.
there was some student in the class, so i'll wait in front of the class while greeting some of them who already got out from the class.
after the class was empty, i get into the class. and....


it was there! the paper was under table! XD

LOL, it's kinda unbelievable. i left it about 7 hours and it still there! XD
lucky me~^^

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Favorite song right now: N.M.P [No More Pain] by KAT-TUN :D

Last album bought/downloaded: hmm......No More Pain album by KAT-TUN again XD

Things that are super-annoying at the moment?: slow internet connections ==" 

You're addicted to (this period) : KAT-TUN ; NAKAMARU YUICHI <3

Who was the very first j-boy/man you fell for?: Hikaru Yaotome from HSJ

Your favorite drama?: Gokusen2 and Rescue :p only bcoz jin, kame, and maru were there! hehe

Last person you spoke to?: Mom~

Your favorite icecream flavor?: vanilla~ i love it^^

Guiltiest Pleasure??: staring at Nakamaru Yuichi's sexy photos. LOL

Favorite clothes?: t-shirt~

If you could kill any animal what whould it be and why?: FROG DX

Worst drama you've ever seen?: dunno...rarely watching dorama~

Best way to relax?: reading fanfics while listening to music and locked myself on my room....

Are there any bits of childhood that you miss??: went to japan~! ^O^

Spring,Summer,Winter or Fall?: Spring! the day that i was born! :D

Say this to the person who tagged you: Being tagged made me feel important! thanks auntie cris! *hugs*

nakamaru's kaizokuban uchiwa (self made)

i made that uchiwa before we made the KAT-TUN's 4th anniversary video~^^
(so if you wanna know where is me on the video, just search for this thing XD)

actually i want to make a mask; but i realized that i'll use it just for the video XD
so i decided to make it like that; as a mask and an uchiwa :p yeah double function yeah :D

*and uh, btw,this pic taken by my friend when i took that fan to school. ROFL*

what do you think about it?
:D? D:?